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Best Milkshakes: Melbourne. Your Ultimate Shake Spot Guide

Journey with us as we sip our way through Melbourne's creamy delights. It's a whirlwind of flavours - the best milkshakes in town await!

Best Milkshakes: Melbourne. Your Ultimate Shake Spot Guide
Best Milkshakes: Melbourne. Your Ultimate Shake Spot Guide


Ah, Melbourne... This Australian city is where casual strolls turn into gastronomic adventures, where modern architecture mingles with Victorian-era charm, and where coffee is a religion. But, we aren't here to talk about lattes or flat whites. Instead, we'll delve into a decadent journey of the city's best milkshakes.

These are not your ordinary shakes. These are Melbourne's amazing milkshakes, a nod to the city's unfettered love for sweets and creativity. They are spectacular concoctions that turn the classic blend of ice cream, milk, and a smidgen of flavor into something of a culinary masterpiece.

Adulting done right!
Freak shakes gaining popularity in Melbourne

Now, you might hear whispers of the infamous 'freak shakes', monstrous works of edible art that stand as gastronomical skyscrapers, teetering under the weight of their own audaciousness. They're the extreme end of the milkshake spectrum in Melbourne, a city known for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

But even if you shy away from such overwhelming indulgence, fear not. The spectrum of milkshakes in Melbourne stretches far and wide, embracing the eccentric and celebrating the classics. The best milkshakes in Melbourne are the ones that wrap quality ice cream, fresh milk, and unique flavors in a comforting, delicious hug.

So, ready yourself to dive into this creamy adventure as we sip our way through the best milkshakes Melbourne has to offer. From the traditional vanilla to the avant-garde concoctions, this journey is all about embracing the sweet surprises that Melbourne's amazing milkshakes have in store.

But remember, as you delve into these creamy delights topped with frothy whipped cream, life's too short for ordinary milkshakes. In Melbourne, we don't do ordinary; we do amazing. Now, grab your straw, and let's embark on this sweet exploration of the best, the boldest, and the most amazing milkshakes in Melbourne.

Choosing the Best Milkshakes in Melbourne

Choosing the Best Milkshakes in Melbourne

Our quest for the best milkshakes in Melbourne is no mere caprice. The Culturlist team dives into this adventure with the dedication and diligence of seasoned explorers. Armed with insatiable curiosity and a sweet tooth, we scour the city's eclectic mix of milkshake spots, from charming hidden nooks to bustling popular joints. Every establishment, regardless of its size or reputation, stands on an equal footing in our pursuit of the perfect shake.

We sip and slurp our way through an array of flavours. The velvety richness of a Nutella milkshake might send us on a chocolatey reverie one moment, while a surprisingly nuanced salted caramel creation may make our taste buds dance the next. The classic comfort of a chocolate milkshake is not overlooked, nor is the whimsical allure of a blue heaven. Our mission is to sample them all – leaving no flavour untried, no whipped cream untasted.

As we make our way through this sweet labyrinth, every milkshake is evaluated based on a triumvirate of factors: the quality of ingredients, the balance of flavours, and the sheer joy it imparts. Some establishments might impress us with their commitment to freshness, while others might dazzle us with their innovative twists. Our personal favourite? Well, that's a secret we'll divulge only in our final list.

Rest assured, this venture isn't just about sipping the city's most delicious shakes. It's about immersing ourselves in the culture, meeting the artisans behind these creamy masterpieces, and understanding the passion and creativity that goes into crafting every glass of these amazing milkshakes. So come along on this delectable journey, as we toast to Melbourne, one divine milkshake at a time.

The Culturlist's Best Milkshakes in Melbourne

Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy Cafe

Set in the charming Princes Hill, Naughty Boy is a culinary sanctuary that specialises in decadence. Its piece de resistance? The Instashakes™. The Salty-Caramelo is an indulgent blend of salted caramel milk, caramel slice, white chocolate mousse, coco puffs, toffee, chocolate bits, and ice cream. It’s a riot of flavours that charms with every sip. Then, there's the Cherry-Ripe. A luscious concoction of chocolate milk, cherry ripe cake slice, Nutella ganache, white chocolate mousse, maraschino cherry, chocolate syrup, and ice cream, it’s an explosion of sweetness that’s irresistibly delightful.

Why We're Hooked

What sets Naughty Boy's Instashakes™ apart is not just their remarkable taste, but the unadulterated joy they bring. The Salty-Caramelo is a sweet-salty symphony that resonates with every sip, while the Cherry-Ripe offers a harmonious blend of tart, sweet, and rich chocolatey notes. Each shake is a joyride of flavours that speaks to the child within us, reminding us of the simple pleasures in life. Naughty Boy's Instashakes™ truly serve up happiness in a glass. Check out their site here.

Rowena Corner Store

Rowena Corner Store

Imagine a place that wraps you in a nostalgic embrace as you walk through the doors. That's Rowena Corner Store for you, situated in the heart of Richmond. A place where old-world charm meets culinary inventiveness, it's been a beloved institution since the 1950s. The star of the show? Their standout milkshakes.

The classics, with vanilla gelato, are a delightful homage to the good old days. They're the kind of shakes that bring back memories of sunny afternoons and simpler times. The chocolate specialties, on the other hand, are a treat for the senses. They come with chocolate gelato, adding a depth of flavour and a creamy indulgence that's hard to resist. The presentation is unpretentious yet enticing, with each milkshake crafted with the skill and attention to detail of a master.

Why We're Hooked

But the real knockout is the Sir Lamington shake, a delicious play on the beloved Australian treat. A delightful blend of chocolate, strawberry, and coconut, it's an intriguing mélange of flavours that tastes like a celebration in a glass.

There's a sense of adventure in each sip, a delightful discovery of how these seemingly disparate flavours blend together so seamlessly. The chocolate lends a rich foundation, the strawberry cuts through with a burst of tart sweetness, and the coconut brings it all together with its tropical charm.

The Sir Lamington shake doesn't just taste good; it tells a story, a narrative of culinary creativity and innovation. It's a testament to the fact that a milkshake can be so much more than a beverage - it can be an experience, a moment of unadulterated joy that leaves you yearning for more. And that's why we're hooked. Check out their site here.

Stokers Fine Pancakes

Stokers Fine Pancakes

In the bustling heart of South Melbourne lies Stokers Fine Pancakes, an establishment that wraps you in warmth the moment you step in. With its comfy space, small tables, and raw-timber bar, it's a place that invites you to kick back and relax. And while the savoury pancakes and burgers are a delight, we're here for the real star of the show: the standout milkshakes.

Their milkshakes are a testament to the simple pleasure of well-made classics. Made with a discerning selection of ingredients, each shake is an ode to the sheer joy of flavour. The presentation is uncomplicated yet tempting, served in glasses that allow you to appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

Why We're Hooked

Among their repertoire, the chocolate shake stands out as a showstopper. It's a dance of flavours in your mouth: the depth of the cocoa, the smooth creaminess, the hint of sweetness that is just right. The texture is like liquid velvet, making every sip a luxurious experience.

It's not just the taste but also the balance that makes the chocolate shake from Stokers Fine Pancakes a winner. There's an art to creating the perfect chocolate shake - a balance of the richness of chocolate, the creaminess of the milk, and just the right amount of sweetness. It's this balance that Stokers nails to perfection, creating a chocolate shake that's nothing short of spectacular.

But, the magic of the Stokers' chocolate shake goes beyond its taste. It's the sense of comfort it brings, the way it transports you back to your childhood, evoking memories of sunny days and simple pleasures. It's a testament to how a simple shake can stir such profound feelings. And that, dear friends, is why we're hooked. Check out their site here.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

Among Melbourne's thriving culinary scene, Krispy Kreme has made a name for itself as a beacon of sweet indulgence. Its ambiance is one of lively energy and child-like wonder, making each visit a delightful experience. Known worldwide for their delectable doughnuts, Krispy Kreme's real hidden gems are its standout milkshakes and thick shakes.

These are no ordinary shakes. Crafted with an eye for detail, they play with unique flavor profiles that surprise and delight in equal measure. From their visual appeal to their mouth-watering taste, Krispy Kreme's shakes elevate the humble milkshake to a whole new level of deliciousness. Each sip feels like a journey, a delicious exploration of taste and texture that leaves you eager for more.

Why We're Hooked

Krispy Kreme's Strawberry Thickshake is where the magic really happens. It's a vibrant showstopper, turning heads with its rich, strawberry hue and creamy consistency. Its texture is an intriguing blend of smooth and thick, a lip-smacking indulgence that's both satisfying and refreshing. The flavour is a delicate balance of sweet and tart, the strawberry shining through in all its summery glory.

This isn't just a thickshake; it's a declaration of what a strawberry thickshake can be. It's everything the McDonald's shake dreams of being, without the cloying artificiality. This is the kind of thickshake that commands your attention, the kind that you'll find yourself daydreaming about on a hot summer day.

But more than its delicious taste, it's the experience that the Strawberry Thickshake offers that has us hooked. The joy of savouring it in Krispy Kreme's vibrant atmosphere, the delight of every strawberry-infused sip, the anticipation of the next visit - it's a complete sensory experience that goes beyond the palate. It's a memory in the making, a moment of pure indulgence that's hard to resist. And that, my friends, is why we're hooked. Check out their site here.

Beast CBD

Beast CBD Biscoff Milkshake 

Situated in the heart of Swanston Street, Beast CBD is an exciting fusion of laid-back ambiance and culinary adventure. Its decor is subtly elegant, providing a soothing backdrop for its flavourful offerings. With its focus firmly on offering unique gastronomic experiences, Beast CBD leaves an indelible impression on all who visit.

While the weeknight specials are tantalising, it's their repertoire of milkshakes that truly stand out. These are not just any milkshakes; they are an eclectic blend of flavours and textures, pushing the boundaries of what a milkshake can be. The presentation is an eye-catching medley of colour and allure, and the taste? Well, it's something you have to experience to fully appreciate.

Why We're Hooked

The Biscoff Milkshake at Beast CBD is the star that shines the brightest. It's an intriguing concoction that perfectly captures the crumbly, caramelized essence of Biscoff biscuits in a glass. With its velvety texture and balanced flavours, this milkshake is a delight to the senses.

Every sip of the Biscoff Milkshake is like taking a bite of the beloved cookie - the sweetness of the caramel, the slight hint of cinnamon, and that uniquely satisfying crunch, all blended into a smooth, creamy indulgence. It's not just a milkshake; it's a nostalgia trip in a glass, taking you back to those cosy afternoons with a biscuit in hand.

But what truly makes the Biscoff Milkshake a showstopper is the creativity behind its concoction. It's a testament to Beast CBD's commitment to exploring new flavours and pushing the envelope, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. It's the kind of milkshake that stays with you, the kind you find yourself craving long after the last drop. And that, friends, is why we're hooked. Check out their site here.


A mainstay in various corners of Melbourne, Pattysmiths carries an air of effortless cool. Known as the home of the smashed burger, this place wears its heart on its sleeve: unpretentious, straightforward, and honest-to-goodness delicious. But among its crowd-pleasers, the thickshakes stand tall.

At Pattysmiths, thickshakes aren't a side act; they're part of the main event. Each one a delight, it carries a unique flavour profile that's a feast for the senses. Presented in tall, frosted glasses that highlight their luscious thickness, these shakes are a testament to Pattysmiths' dedication to taste, texture, and presentation.

Why We're Hooked

But if you're looking for a star, look no further than the Salted Caramel Thickshake. It's a spectacle in a glass, an amazing balance of the rich, buttery sweetness of caramel and the sharp kick of salt. Every sip carries an intriguing interplay of flavours that has us coming back for more.

The texture is another standout feature - the thickness, a velvety caress that indulges the senses. It's a delectable experience that's further elevated by the way it pairs with a smashed burger, creating a symphony of tastes that's hard to beat.

The Salted Caramel Thickshake from Pattysmiths isn't just a drink; it's a journey of culinary delight. It's the perfect example of how something so simple can be elevated into an experience that leaves a mark. And once you've tasted it, there's no going back. It's this captivating charm that keeps us hooked, and we're certain it'll do the same for you. Check out their site here.

Best Milkshakes in Melbourne For You

From the creatively indulgent Instashakes™ at Naughty Boy to the comforting richness of the chocolate shake at Stokers Fine Pancakes, we've taken a decadent stroll through Melbourne's milkshake landscape. We've savoured the delightful blend of strawberry and ice cream at Krispy Kreme, enjoyed the nostalgia-evoking Biscoff Milkshake at Beast CBD, and indulged in the sweet-salty dance of the Salted Caramel Thickshake at Pattysmiths.

Though many laudable joints like the Grand Trailer Park and Johnny Pump have sadly closed their doors, Melbourne continues to boast an array of places that serve up these creamy delights. Whether you're after a decadent Nutella milkshake, a classic chocolate one, or more adventurous flavours like banana bread, apple pie, or the iconic Golden Gaytime shake, Melbourne has you covered.

The city's vibrant milkshake scene invites you to discover an array of unique flavours, each with its own tale to tell. It beckons you to leave behind the mundane and step into a world where whipped cream, ice cream, and various flavourings come together to create something truly special.

So, go forth, fellow flavour explorers, and dive headfirst into this world of creamy delights. Sip, savour, and get lost in the whirlwind of tastes that make up Melbourne's amazing milkshake scene. After all, life is too short for bad milkshakes. And remember, the best milkshake in Melbourne might just be the one you haven't tried yet.

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